If you are a condo, townhome, or private single family home community you should ALWAYS have one of two agreements in place with broadband providers.

Bulk Agreement:

Bulk is when cable or internet for the residents is handled through the association.  The association pays one bill to the provider, and all of the residents use the same cable or internet service.

Right of Entry Agreement:

This agreement gives permission for the provider wires that are already on your property to stay and puts guidelines around what the provider can and cannot do while on your property.  

What is most important for you to know about Right of Entry agreements:

  • Right of Entry agreements have absolutely no effect on the resident’s cable and internet service. A homeowner will see no difference after this agreement is signed, and they will continue to be able to choose whomever they like for their service. It does not stop any other providers from coming into the community (e.g., U-Verse, Google Fiber, etc.).

  • We do not represent the cable company. We represent the association and are only paid by the association. We will inform you of all provider options based on who is available in your community and help you make an informed decision.

  • Broadband Planning negotiates on behalf of the association to maximize the compensation owed to your community.

  • There are no upfront costs. Broadband Planning is paid a percentage of the compensation we negotiate for the community and our increased negotiating power fully covers our percentage.