Dick Price


Dick Price is an expert on cable TV and Internet right-of-entry agreements and technologies. He has made a significant contribution to the development of cable TV and Internet technologies in high-density communities for more than 35 years. Over the course of his career he has negotiated over 1,000,000 multi-family units. Price formed Broadband Planning in 2006, a company that advises community management companies and large developers on how to make the most of their relationships with cable and Internet providers. Broadband Planning now negotiates millions of dollars per year in access fee and revenue shares for a growing number of homeowners associations across America.  

Danielle Harden, CMCA®

Vice President of Operations

Danielle Harden serves as the Vice President of Operations for the Broadband Planning team.  She comes with eight years of property management experience and was the former president of a property management company.  She has extensive knowledge and experience with condominium, townhome, and single family associations.  Danielle oversees operations and coordinates with the management companies and property managers throughout our process.

Emily Sanders

Director of property operations

Emily Sanders is the Director of Property Operations for Broadband Planning. She comes to us with several years of customer service experience and is a former property manager. Emily works closely with the Providers to ensure a positive and ongoing relationship with them. Through this relationship, Broadband Planning is able to negotiate the best offers and agreements for our clients. Emily also ensures that all of our client's properties run seamlessly through our process and put as little work on property managers and Boards as possible. Her experience in customer service helps provide an exemplary experience for all of our clients and property managers.

Richard Rambo

construction partner

Richard Rambo has been involved in the Telecommunications Industry for over 28 years. He started out working with pager systems at Southern Bell and then advanced into the Multi-Family cable industry, starting a division for EMC Security and later moving on to Charter.  As the industry changed and evolved, he recognized the need for programming choice and created Digital Choice with National Satellite.  His latest venture is in our construction industry division.  In order to meet the growing needs of new construction and provide a unique service to multi-family developers, he and Dick Price have joined together.  Our construction division offers services that include provider contract negotiations and the design and over sight of low voltage construction for the project.   

Mitrah Rasti

Director of Advanced Services

Mitrah Rasti is the Director of Advanced Services at Broadband Planning.  She started in the telecom industry in 2010, working for the providers negotiating access and bulk agreements and project managing community rewires and new construction.  Prior to this, she spent several years in marketing and real estate sales, giving her extensive experience in getting to the heart of clients’ needs in addition to contract negotiations.   As the Director of Advanced Services, she loves creating unique solutions for clients; leveraging her strategic background to get the best agreements in place; and, if there is a build out component, holding providers accountable to get it done with minimal effect on the board.

Carl Kandutsch, J.D., Ph.D.

Legal Advisor

Carl Kandutsch operates the Kandutsch Law Office in Plano, Texas, representing multi-dwelling unit (MDU) property owners and managers, as well as broadband service providers. He has more than 13 years of experience in real estate and telecommunications law. While working as a staff attorney in the Cable Bureau of the Federal Communications Commission, Kandutsch took a lead role in drafting amendments to the commission’s rules governing the disposition of inside wiring in MDU properties.


Legal Counsel