Shereitte Stokes IV

I have been the President of Cascade Parc for three years.  Our community association manager, Kiva Brewer, first told us about Broadband Planning.  We were skeptical at first since it seemed highly illogical that a company would just “give away” that amount of money.  Then, we talked it over as a board, and our Vice President of Finance presented a logical solution as to why we should take part in this opportunity.

We feel going with Broadband Planning was a win-win for everyone.  We spent the money on improvements in our community. The experience has been wonderful, and there have been absolutely no issues or complaints. Our experience with Broadband has been smooth and phenomenal.  Broadband Planning is great!

Tyrone Carter

For five years, I have served as the President of Thornwood Park Homeowners Association.  Sonja Johansen, our property manager, told me about Broadband Planning and said it was easy money.  I was cautious at first. When I spoke with Broadband Planning, they told me exactly what the agreement was about in layman’s terms and how our community would be affected.  Because it sounded too good to be true, the other board members talked to Broadband too.  I was happy that Broadband answered the phone every time I called them.  

I read the information in detail that was emailed to me and I was able to hear a live voice that answered all my questions concerning the Comcast agreement.  I am now very happy as we have additional funds to maintain our community.  With the money we received, we bought new mailboxes for the community for $16,000 and we have the other funds stored for future capital expenditures.  We have had no issues with the process, and nothing has changed with Comcast. No homeowners have had any issues and they are still free to select whatever cable provider they wish.  With Broadband Planning, the board didn’t have to do anything except sign some papers and Broadband Planning did the rest. There was no wasted time spent chasing documents or gathering additional information. This was an easy process and I am so glad we took advantage of this opportunity.